Surf & Stand Up Paddle Lessons

Oregon Surf Lessons and Stand Up Paddle Lessons

Why Surf? Because modern life has become way too disconnected from what truly feeds our souls. The personal experience of connecting with Nature and her beauty all around you; in the waves that you paddle out through and joyfully learn to read and catch, to the Douglas Fir trees that cling to the rugged coastal cliffs, to the spirited Bald Eagles circling high overhead, to the waterfalls rushing down from spring’s rain and mountain melt offs, to the wild music of the wind and waves and the satiation one feels after a day with these sweet source connections. Let us introduce you or reconnect you with surfing in our Private, Semi-private and Group Surf and/or Stand Up Paddle Lessons (SUP) offered this spring and summer.

Coed Group Surf Saturday Lessons throughout the summer

Experience a three hour dynamic and comprehensive surf lesson with adults and teens who share your desire to learn! This mixed group session creates a fun and supportive circle of new friends cheering one another on while you learn the essential skills to catch a wave. Enthusiastic, mature, certified and experienced surf coaches share with you the techniques needed to succeed. Book your Lesson Here at to assure you’re in for the surfing fun! An email confirmation with all details will be sent to you after you’ve booked your lesson.

Three hour group surf lesson includes:

  •  An understanding of how to survey the beach and ocean conditions for your skill level.
  •  Learn the 6 forecast conditions that come together to create the “Recipe for a Perfect Wave” for the day’s chosen beach location.
  • Understand the tides influence on future sessions.
  • Build your “layers” of understanding from the 12 essential surf skills and techniques from talented surf coaches.
  • Receive surf training on the beach to start with, followed by training in the waves.
  • All surf equipment is included. A soft top surfboard, wetsuit, boots, gloves, hood and Gath surf helmet for all students. Soft racks are an additional rental cost.

Cost is $139 for lesson and full day’s surf rental package from Cleanline Surf Shop.


Private, Semi-private and Group Surf Lessons

Spring, summer and fall swell and wind conditions are typically best for scheduling your surf lesson. Summer months are the most predictable for smaller, gentler, offshore conditions which are most favorable for learning in. Beginner to advanced beginner surfing skills are taught during our dynamic 3 hour surf lesson. Everything that is taught and included in our above mentioned Saturday Group Surf Lessons are also part of our Private, Semi-private and Personal Group Lesson formats.

Private and Semi-private lessons provide students with that extra personalized learning environment of having just you and an instructor, or two of you and an instructor during the lesson. The focus is on you and what your needs are to advance your skills that session. Our typical student to teacher ratio is 4:1. Private and Semi-private surf lessons are $150 per person. Equipment rental is not included in the lesson cost. Gath surf helmets are provided for all student’s safety. Cleanline Surf Shops in Seaside and Cannon Beach offer $35 adult/teen surf rental packages and $25 kid surf rental packages.

Personal Group Lessons

offer families, reunions, wedding parties, graduation parties and others the opportunity to book a private surf lesson for 3 to 12 people. Everything taught in our Saturday Group Surf Lessons above, are also taught here. Cost is $139 per person. This includes the 3 hour lesson and a full day’s surf rental package from Cleanline Surf Shops in Seaside and Cannon Beach offer our NW Women’s Surf Camps and Lesson students a $10 discount off of their normal full day surf rental package pricing.  Mention this to their staff when you’re getting set up with a day’s surf rental package and adults and teens will pay $35/day and kids will pay $25/day. Student to teacher ratio is 4:1, so additional surf coaches will join the group depending on its size. Advanced beginner swimming skills are required of all students. A NWWSC Liability Release Waiver and Registration Form must be filled out and signed prior to the lesson. Parents must sign these forms for their minor children to participate. Contact NWWSC Director Lexie Hallahan at or # (503) 440 5782 to arrange your lesson today. We encourage advanced notice on your preferred lesson date(s). Summer months are very busy along the North Coast and with limited tidal times to teach in, booking your lesson early is best!  

Stand Up Paddle Lessons for individuals and groups

Discover the best cross trainer for surfing which utilizes and strengthens your balance, stamina and core body strength, while you take in Nature’s beauty around you. Or begin to learn a great boardsport to access your local lakes, estuaries, rivers and bay ecosystems for recreational paddling, fishing, birdwatching and meditation. Learn the fundamental skills to launch you and your family into the exciting sport of Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Our lessons are taught on a beautiful flat water lake or beautiful and diverse estuary system which offers natural beauty, easy access and advanced beginner wind conditions to practice your new skills in. The skills you’ll be taught are:
  • Basic understanding of different SUP boards, their parts and paddle variety.
  • How to mount, dismount and carry your board on, off and to the launching site.
  • How to prone paddle, knee paddle and stand up paddle your board.
  • An understanding of the winds, tides and challenges of your chosen water environment.
  • Entering and exiting the water.
  • Proper paddle stroke technique.
  • Foot placement and stance.
  • Optional turning strokes including back paddle, frontside kickturn and heelside kickturn.
  • Key suggestions for advancing your skills to ocean SUPing.
A three hour dynamic Private or Semi-private Lesson is $190 per student. This includes SUP board, adjustable paddle, wetsuit and boots during the lesson. If no wetsuit and boots are needed, then $180 per person. Group SUP lessons for 3 to 8 students are $149 per person. They include SUP board, paddle, wetsuit and boots during the lesson. Midsummer water temps generally warm up enough where wetsuits and boots won’t be necessary. Maybe only  a swimsuit and windbreaker.  

NEW for 2016 Mindfulness on the Water and in Life! Coed Group SUP and Yoga Sessions

Experience a unique Mindfulness Yoga practice along the bank of a beautiful freshwater coastal lake to start your day’s adventure in Stand Up Paddling. Enjoy hours of SUP instruction and coaching, an hour of nature yoga, a paddling meditation, catered box lunches, all equipment and amazing connection with your new SUP friends! These six hour events are offered on June 26, July 17 and August 14, 2016.  Time of the events are 9 am to 3:30 pm. Meet up in Seaside and drive 15 minutes North to the location. Coed, adults and teens are invited. Swimming skills are required. Book Early to assure space on your chosen date! Limited to 12 students in each of these events. PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) and small dry bags are also provided for each student.

Lexie Hallahan, Director of NW Women’s Surf Camps, has partnered with Clatsop Paddle’s Owner and SUP Tour Guide Cheryl Johnson this summer to provide three unique stand up paddling experiences that will open you up to the fabulous fun of SUPing while teaching you Mindfulness practices to fully engage yourself in Life! Their combined experience and passion, both in and on the water, is shared during these three different day adventures in flatwater SUPing on a beautiful North coast lake. Book Here with! You can pay with credit or debit cards.

Confirmation with all details will be emailed to you by the Director after you book your space with Please read our Cancellation Policy before booking your SUP event. If you have any questions, please contact her at cell # (503) 440-5782 or submit a Contact Us form.                                        What sets us apart from the rest?
  • All of our surf instructors are highly qualified with current certification in CPR and First Aid. They’ve all passed a Lifeguard Certification Course in order to become a NWWSC surf coach.
  • We provide mature, experienced surfers as our instructors.
  •  Gath surf helmets are provided to all students.
  • A first aid kit and rescue board are present at all lessons, in case needed.
  •  We use proven NWWSC teaching methods.
  • Student to teacher ratio is 4:1 or less, depending on lesson size.
  • Surf  instruction is offered for all women, men, teens and kids. Ages 7 to 70 years young.
“We don’t just push you into waves to claim that you surfed. We empower you with the knowledge necessary to truly pursue your passion to surf!”