Family & Kid’s Fun / Bodyboard Clinics

NEW Parents and Kids Surf Camps this summer!

Want to learn to surf with your kids in fun filled day surf camp experiences? Well after numerous summers of parents seeing how much fun their kids are having in our kid’s group surf lessons, we took them up on their request for combined parent and kid camps.

We are offering two mid week surf camp experiences for parents and their kids, ages 6 to 12 years old, in July and August. We chose midweek to avoid the busyness both in the waves with excessive weekend surfer traffic and to avoid the difficulty of finding parking on weekends at the state park. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays of each month’s camp event, you can book one, two or all three days of camps. Students must attend the first day of camp, and then can opt in for additional second and third days of camps, in order to keep the learning flow cohesive. You will have the option of one, two or three days of camps at online registration when you book your space. 

Times each day are 9 to 3, 11-3 and 11-3.

What’s included in the three days of camps:

  • Fun and informative Cape Falcon Marine Reserve short presentation. Learn about the cool ocean species that reside in the ocean here.
  • Learn how to survey the beach for the 6 forecast conditions we call “A Recipe for a Perfect Wave”.
  •  Learn how to read the local tide table to pick the best tidal surf window for you to learn in.
  • Learn the 12 essential surfing skills and techniques to succeed at surfing.
  • Experience hours on the beach and in water exceptional surf instruction and coaching from our all women team of coaches. Including paddling techniques, reading the waves, dropping in and surf etiquette.
  •  First day of camp runs from 9 am to 3 pm. Second and third day of camps run from 11 am to 3 pm.  
  • Camp photos taken of the day’s campers will be shared on NWWSC’s Facebook album.  
  • Kid’s Froth softop surfboard with flex fins.
  • Gath surf helmets for everyone. Part of our concussion prevention program.
  • Wetsuit, wetsuit parts and Softop longboards for parents and kids are rented from Cleanline Surf Shop. Sizing sheet request will be sent to students prior to the first day of camp. Cleanline rental staff will pre-bag gear and Director will bring to first day camp meetup. Adult softop surfboards can be picked up by parents the afternoon before first day camp meetup. Rental softracks are available for vehicles.
  • Yummy Kind nutrition bars and fresh fruit for snacks. Bring your own picnic lunches for your family. Lunch is not included.   
  • Board and wetsuit recommendations given on the third day of camp, to assist your family in purchasing the right gear for your surfing success. Cleanline Surf Shop offers our students special discounts on your first time purchase of surfboards, wetsuits and parts. Coupon sheet given at camp.  
  • Souvenir NWWSC Tidebook.

After immersing your family for three days of surf camps, you will feel confident in pursuing your family’s desire to surf together. Our methodology of teaching surfing is unique to our program and can be taught to kids and adults together in our learning circle. Water coaching will be broken into adult group and kids group with coaches. Space for 8 students in this new surfing camp experience.

The first day of Parent and Kids Day Surf Camp is $249 per participant. The second and third days of camps are $165 per participant. Three days of surf camps are $579 each. Book now >>

We encourage you to book early to assure your family’s space in your chosen month’s camps. Our events do fill and the earlier you book your space, the more confidence you will have to be confirmed for it. Book your Parent and Kid Day Surf Camp Here with online registration with your credit or debit card of choice. Please read our Cancellation Policy before booking your camp event. After you’ve booked your camp event, you will receive camp confirmation with all details for camps.


Have your young kids learn and experience the thrill and fun of surfing on the North Oregon Coast this summer! We’re offering amazing opportunities midweek, on three Wednesdays, throughout the summer, for young children, ages 6 to 10 years, to learn to surf in a fun, safe and supportive learning environment. Exceptional female coaches with years of surf instruction and coaching experience will teach kids during these sessions.

Discounts Available when booking more than one at registration. Parents can sign their kids up for one lesson or all three  throughout the summer. Receive substantial savings and immerse your kids in summer surf lessons and coaching. Launch your kid’s surfing desires and development this summer!

First group lesson is $135 includes Froth softop flex fin board and Gath surf helmet. 10% discount on all lessons when booking 2 or 3 with online registration.

Our Little Kid’s Coed Group Surf Lessons will teach children ocean and board safety, the 12 essential skills to surfing, an understanding of the tides and exiting rip currents (best tidal time for children to learn in is shared with their parents), team work, and they will create sweet connection with other boys and girls their age discovering their new love of surfing! Book Now to assure your kid’s spots in this summer’s children surf offering with NW Women’s Surf Camps!

The best tidal times and beach locations are selected for each day’s lesson, based on current day’s forecast. Lesson times vary throughout the summer months. These 3 hour sessions include hours of surf coaching both on the beach and in the waves, with a 3:1 student to teacher ratio.

Gath surf helmets and Froth softop and flex fin surfboards are included in the booking price for lesson, and are used to prevent chances of concussion. Wetsuits and wetsuit parts are not included and will need to be rented prior to the lesson. We are partnered with Cleanline Surf Company for wetsuit rentals and special discounted full day surf package kid’s rentals is $35 instead of regular package price of $50. All coaches are currently CPR and First Aid Certified. All have passed Lifeguard certification tests. A rescue surfboard and first aid kit are on beach every lesson, if needed. Space for 6 kids in each lesson.  

Liability Release Waivers are agreed online when you book your kid’s lessons at The NWWSC Director will have parent/guardian sign a printed copy when she meets up with families for the day’s lesson(s). Emergency contact and essential information about your child is asked online when you book their lesson(s) in the registration process. This information is with the Director and her coaches at all times in lessons, if needed.   


It’s our fourth summer season with this surf offering on the North Oregon Coast, Coed Bodyboard Clinics for teenagers and adults. Experience the thrill of catching waves prone on a custom Hydro bodyboard with swimfins. These three hour clinics will be coached by two NW women bodyboarders with years of experience between them to share with students. Four clinics will be offered this 2021 summer season on four Sundays.

Students will learn the essential skills necessary to catch waves on your own, including kicking out with your fins, hooking the wave to ride it and pulling up on the rail to angle down the line; understand the "recipe for a perfect wave" the 6 ingredients of the forecast to help students hone the best days and times for their future bodyboarding sessions ; learn ocean and riptide safety; and have the fun of connecting with others who share their passion to ride waves!

Special surf package rental price for all clinic participants at both Cleanline Surf Shops, in Seaside and Cannon Beach, if booked for this clinic of $45 per person, adults and teens. Regular rental package pricing is $60. You'll just need to mention to rental staff that you have a clinic that day with NW Women's Surf Camp's coaches to receive it. Bodyboard, swim fins, wetsuit and parts are NOT included in this online clinic booking. Total of clinic and full day's bodyboard rental package is $165. per person. If you have some of the gear and only need to rent an item or two, Cleanline extends a 20% discount to our bodyboarding clinic students, as well.

Advanced beginner to intermediate swimming skills are required of participants. If not sure what swimming level you should be, then please contact Director Lexie Hallahan prior to booking this clinic. Her email is or call her at # 503.440.5782.

There is space for 8 students in each of these clinics. We keep a safe student to teacher ratio of 4:1. All coaches are currently CPR and First Aid certified. A first aid kit is on the beach during clinics, if needed.

Liability Release Waivers are agreed online when you book your clinic(s) at The NWWSC Director will have parent/guardian/adult sign a printed copy when she meets up with students for the day’s clinic(s), if they weren’t signed online in the registration process. Emergency contact and essential information about participants is asked online when you book their clinic(s) in the registration process. This information is with the Director and her coaches at all times in lessons, if needed.