Surf Camp Evaluation Form

Camp and Group Lesson Evaluation Form

After you’ve experienced your camp or lesson with us, we would love to hear what it was like for you. Our intention is to always keep the bar of excellence high for our students; in the instruction given, the flow created, the attention to details and the authentic connection we bring. Your input is so valuable to us. 

Please consider answering our evaluation form here. Once completed, you can click Send to email it to the Director. 

If you prefer to write an online review, all you have to do is click on one of the icons above to our Facebook page, Google page or Yelp page. Most of our clients find out about our unique program through reviews, personal referrals and recommendations, so your reviews really help us to attract new students. Thank you for your time and effort sharing your experience with us and others! We really appreciate it.

To send by mail: Click on the link below which will open up a printable form. Simply print out the form, fill it out and send to NW Women’s Surf Camps, PO Box 425, Seaside, OR 97138.
Printable Camp Evaluation Form

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1. Overall, how would you rate your camp or lesson experience with us? Was the instruction provided beneficial for your understanding of the skills and principles to surf and/or bodyboard? How did you do?

On a scale of 1 poor to 10 excellent.

2. What is the most important principle or skill that you learned in your camp or lesson?

3. How did you find the yoga experience in your camp session? Did it help to center you and bring more focus for being in the waves? Had you done yoga before? Did you find the yoga session was helpful to stretch and prepare the body for surfing or bodyboarding? If it was an apres’ surf yoga session, did the relaxation stretches and rest poses benefit your overall experience in camp? Please comment.

4. Did you receive enough personal attention from your instructors? Was there enough knowledge and instruction shared with you? How could we improve the learning experience? Please comment.

5. How did you like the catered organic lunch (es)? Was there a good variety in them to feel nourished? What else could we offer for lunches?